Strategic Planning

Facilities Master Plan

The NIACC Strategic Planning process included an integrated approach utilizing the AQIP 9 Categories and the 5 HLC Criteria for Accreditation, as well as Iowa Department of Ed criteria, community, faculty, and staff input. This integration of AQIP and the 5 Criteria ensures that the Strategic plan is supported by the accreditation process and provides continuity between NIACC’s Strategic goals and the Higher Learning Commissions’ expectations.

As AQIP is an integral part of the strategic plan, the AQIP Quality Council (AQC) had been charged with assisting in the plans’ development and continues to assist with its implementation.

Picture of Strategic Plan for NIACC


North Iowa Area Community College is our region’s first choice for post-secondary education, recognized for its commitment to quality teaching and learning and dedication to seamless educational opportunities, exemplary programs and services, responsive and collaborative partnerships with business and industry, and steadfast commitment to the individuals we serve locally, regionally, and internationally.


The mission of North Iowa Area Community College is to enhance the quality of life for the people of North Iowa through comprehensive educational opportunities, progressive partnerships, exemplary service, and responsive leadership.

Core Values

    • Academic Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Community

Strategic Priorities

– Keeping NIACC First in Education

Student Quality Experience

NIACC students will have a superior learning experience as evidenced by the College collaborating to increase organizational efficiencies, delivering top-quality service, practicing learning college principles, optimizing financial aid opportunities, and increasing academic quality and student completion and success.

Quality and Relevant Education

NIACC embraces assessment as a critical and essential strategy for the continuous improvement of its programs, courses, and 21st century student learning outcomes.

Educational Center for Excellence

NIACC’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning serves as a resource for all employees teaching NIACC courses, in all venues across our district by providing educational support services and supporting innovative pedagogy and assessment methodology.

Expand Outreach Centers

NIACC has a strong and enhanced presence in its regional centers as evidenced by the innovative utilization of technology, expanded educational and cultural offerings, and strong public school partnerships.

Performance Metrics

NIACC has useful and meaningful key performance indicators that measure and communicate the effectiveness of teaching and learning strategies, student engagement, and administrative processes that support the educational process.

– Keeping NIACC First in Leadership

Innovative Educational Methods

NIACC’s innovation is recognized through the research, development and application of innovative educational methods of instruction, course and program development, workforce preparation, small business development and entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

Premier Employer/Culture

NIACC is an exemplary workplace that serves as a model for other institutions across Iowa and the nation.

Collaboration with Community and Regional Organizations

NIACC promotes economic growth in North Iowa as evidenced through its facilitation of economic and workforce development strategies, which engage and collaborate with the region’s economic development corporations, business and industry partners, regional and state organizations, and national initiatives.


NIACC advocates for education, economic vitality and the social welfare of the residents of North Iowa by engaging actively in the legislative process, economic and business development, and community service and cultural efforts.

– Keeping NIACC First in Partnership

New Types of Partnerships

NIACC’s new partnerships reflect best practices, leveraging technology, facilities, and emerging innovative educational and economic strategies.

New Educational Partnerships

NIACC’s new educational partnerships take advantage of new teaching and learning strategies, partnerships with other educational institutions, community-based organizations, governmental agencies, and corporate partners in support of student learning.

New Regional (Community Development) Partnerships to Promote Growth

NIACC’s expanded regional partnerships provide benefit to North Iowa communities evidenced by economic growth and opportunities traced backed to NIACC’s direct involvement.

Partner Viability

Each NIACC partnership provides relevant and effective use of partner resources resulting in mutual benefit to partners, the community and students.

Our strategic plan for the next five years will help us keep NIACC First in Education, Leadership, and Partnership. The plan addresses each of the strategic priorities separately to identify specific areas that have been determined to be of the greatest importance to all of our stakeholders. By design, this plan does not outline all of the strategies and activities that the College will be engaged in to reach our goals. The AQIP Quality Council will develop these strategies and activities together with the College administration, partners, and others. These activities will be documented through our Higher Learning Commission AQIP Systems Portfolios and will show NIACC’s continuous progress towards the fulfillment of our strategic goals.