A.S. Degree – General Education

AS Degree General Studies

North Iowa Area Community College considers education to be the foundation of a democratic society. At the core of the educational experience is general education, an ongoing endeavor that engages students in acquiring the knowledge and tools necessary to under-stand their environment and contribute to their communities.

The purpose of the Associate in Science Degree is to provide a degree goal for students who choose to follow a Natural Science degree program.

Requirements for the degree include:

    1. Completion of at least sixty-two (62) semester hours of work consisting of courses whose principal design is for a baccalaureate program. Up to 16 semester hours of career courses can be used as elective credit. Developmental courses cannot be used to meet this requirement.
    2. One-half of the required semester hours must be completed under the aegis of North Iowa Area Community College including 15 of the last 30 semester hours.
    3. A minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (C) including a 2.00 (C) cumulative grade point average in all course work at NIACC. Developmental courses are not used in calculating the cumulative grade point average for graduation.
    4. Completion of College Essentials (1 s.h.) – SDV-199
    5. Completion of the following General Education Core with a minimum of 41 semester hours:

Communication                                    9 s.h.

Social Sciences/Humanities              8 s.h.

Natural Science/Mathematics           20 s.h.
(must include at least one math and at least one science course)

Distributed Requirement                     4 s.h.

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