Curriculum – Early Childhood Education Diploma

First Year - First Term
ECE-103 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 s.h.
ECE-131 Home and School Relationships in Early Childhood 3 s.h.
ECE-133 Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3 s.h.
Electives 6 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Term
ECE-159 Early Childhood Curriculum II
OR ECE-221 Infant/Toddler Care and Education
3 s.h.
(3 s.h.)
ECE-170 Child Growth and Development 3 s.h.
ECE-243 Early Childhood Guidance 3 s.h.
Electives 6 s.h.
15 s.h.
Total Program Hours 30 s.h. minimum
Approved Electives
Must complete at least 12 s.h. from the following
ART-102 Art for Elementary Education 3 s.h.
BIO-123 Inquiry Into Life Science 4 s.h.
EDU-216 Introduction to Teaching 3 s.h.
EDU-219 Field Experience and Seminar 1 s.h.
EDU-235 Children's Literature 3 s.h.
EDU-246 Including Diverse Learners 3 s.h.
MAT-153 Math for Elementary Teachers I 4 s.h.
MAT-154 Math for Elementary Teachers II 4 s.h.
PSY-223 Child and Adolescent Psychology 3 s.h.
PSY-281 Educational Psychology 3 s.h.

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