Overview & Employment – General Machinist Diploma

NIACC General-MachinistGeneral Machinist is a two-semester Diploma program designed to provide in-depth study and considerable hands-on skills in the machine processing of a variety of metals. This one-year program provides the foundation for the Associate in Applied Science program, Tool and Die Technology.

Students become proficient in the operation of manual mills, lathes, grinders, drills, and saws as they complete increasingly complex projects while holding tight tolerances. Various pieces of precision measuring equipment (optical comparator, coordinate measuring machine, etc.) are used to check quality. Additional work in blueprint reading, heat-treating, and computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining is required to complete the General Machinist program.

Career Opportunities

    • Operate and set up CNC mills and lathes
    • Maintenance work
    • Operate and set up manual equipment

Gainful Employment

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