Curriculum – Heating and Air Conditioning Technology

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First Year - First Term
ELT-115 Electronic Concepts 3 s.h.
HCR-115 Residential Heating Systems 4 s.h.
HCR-155 Troubleshooting Heating Systems 3 s.h.
IND-190 Skills and Safety in Industry 1 s.h.
MAT-770 Applied Math 2 s.h.
MAT-771 Applied Math II 2 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Term
ELT-745 Maintenance Shop Operations 3 s.h.
ENG-701 Communications 1 3 s.h.
HCR-205 Air-Conditioning Principles 2 s.h.
HCR-210 Residential Air-Conditioning Systems 4 s.h.
HCR-240 Troubleshooting Air-Conditioning Systems 3 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Year - Third Term
BCA-215 Computer Business Applications 3 s.h.
OR BCA-101 Introduction to Computers and
Information Systems
(3 s.h.)
HCR-150 Commercial Heating Systems 5 s.h.
HCR-510 Sheet Metal Fabrication 2 s.h.
HCR-705 Technical Graphics 2 s.h.
HCR-806 Controls I 3 s.h.
HCR-807 Controls II 3 s.h.
18 s.h.
Fourth Term
BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism 3 s.h.
ENG-702 Communications II 3 s.h.
HCR-235 Commercial Air-Conditioning Systems 5 s.h.
HCR-923 Systems Design 3 s.h.
SDV-210 Cooperative Education Internship 2 s.h.
16 s.h.
Total Program Hours 64 s.h.

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