Overview & Employment – Industrial Technology

The A.A.S. Degree graduate in Industrial Technology provides a broad technical background in a variety of disciplines related to industry. Industrial technologists work with management teams, entry-level supervisors, and technicians in providing manufacturing process and production solutions to ensure the success of our industries. The broad-based programming further provides the student the mobility to move throughout a variety of industrial areas. Graduates of this program have the option of employment upon graduation or articulation of the program to a four-year institution.

Career Opportunities

The intent of this program is to provide a flexible framework targeted primarily to individuals interested in or already employed in the manufacturing field. Many individuals taking this course work are focusing their efforts toward employment in the area of Industrial Maintenance and Repair. Others pursue careers in direct manufacturing.

The program enables the individual to tailor a diploma and/or associate degree program based on his/her skill needs and the needs of the company.

Gainful Employment

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