Curriculum – Information Assurance and Security

First Year - First Term
CFR-110 Ethics and the Information Age 3 s.h.
CIS-125 Introduction to Programming Logic with Language 3 s.h.
ENG-105 Composition I 3 s.h.
NET-113 IT Essentials I 4 s.h.
NET-200 Introduction to Networking 3 s.h.
16 s.h.
Second Term
CFR-100 Computer Forensics I* 3 s.h.
CIS-332 Database and SQL 3 s.h.
NET-136 Operating Systems II* 3 s.h.
NET-225 Routing and Switching Essentials** 4 s.h.
NET-304 Windows Workstation Operating Systems 4 s.h.
17 s.h.
Third Term (Summer)
BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism 3 s.h.
ENG-106 Composition II*** 3 s.h.
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts**** 3 s.h.
9 s.h.
Second Year - Fourth Term
BUS-121 Business Communications
OR BUS-130 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 s.h.)
OR BUS-161 Human Relations (3 s.h.)
OR General Education elective (3 s.h.)
3 s.h.
NET-226 Scaling Networks***** 4 s.h.
NET-324 Windows Network Management+ 4 s.h.
NET-613 Information Data Assurance++ 3 s.h.
14 s.h.
Fifth Term
CFR-150 Computer Forensics II+++ 3 s.h.
NET-227 Connecting Networks++++ 4 s.h.
NET-261 Virtualization/Cloud Operations+++++ 3 s.h.
NET-292 Information Technology Capstone++++++ 5 s.h.
NET-609 Network Security**** 3 s.h.
18 s.h.
Total Program Hours 74 s.h.

*Prerequisite: NET-113 IT Essentials or permission of instructor.
**Prerequisite: NET-200 Introduction to Networking.
***Prerequisite: ENG-105 Composition I with a grade of C or higher.
****Prerequisite: MAT-089 Survey of Math with a grade of C or higher, Accuplacer Elementary Algebra score of 110 or higher, or Accuplacer College Math score of 45 or higher, or COMPASS Algebra score of at least 56, or ACT Math score of at least 21.
*****Prerequisite: NET-225 Routing and Switching Essentials.

+Prerequisite: NET-304 Windows Workstation Operating Systems
++Prerequisite: NET-113, IT Essentials I, NET-304 Windows Workstation Operating System, or permission of instructor.
+++Prerequisite: CFR-100 Computer Forensics I, or permission of instructor.
++++Prerequisite: NET-226 Scaling Networks.
+++++Prerequisite: CFR-100 Computer Forensics I, NET-113 IT Essentials I, NET-304 Windows Workstation Operating Systems, NET-324 Windows Network Management, or permission of instructor.
++++++Prerequisites: CFR-110 Ethics and the Information Age, CIS-125 Introduction to Programming Logic with Language, CIS-332 Database & SQL, NET-200 Introduction to Networking, NET-227 Connecting Networks, and NET-613 Information Data Assurance; and NET-133 IT Essentials II, NET-314 Windows Server, and NET-782 Computer Users Support OR CFR-150 Computer Forensics II, NET-324 Windows Network Management, and NET-609 Network Security.

Check here for a list of Business Electives.

Business Internships

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Talk to the Business Internship Coordinator or your Counselor to decide when in your college career you should participate in an internship.
  2. Enroll in and pass Workplace Professionalism (BUS-162).
    • Workplace Professionalism is a 3 s.h. course that is a prerequisite to Business Internships ~ it can be taken at any time prior to a Business Internship.
  3. Upon passing Workplace Professionalism, the student is eligible for a Business Internship (BUS-225).
    • Students may register for a Business Internship only when they have located, secured and have had the internship site approved with the Business Internship Coordinator.
    • Business Internship credit ranges from 1 s.h. to 5 s.h. ~ this must be determined prior to registering for the course.

All students are highly encouraged to participate in a Business Internship before graduating.

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