Curriculum – Medical Assistant

First Term
BCA-129 Basic Word Processing 2 s.h.
BUS-121 Business Communications 3 s.h.
HSC-120 Medical Terminology I 3 s.h.
HSC-150 Body Structure and Function*
OR BIO-206, Anatomy and Physiology I*
AND BIO-207, Anatomy and Physiology II *
4 s.h.
(4 s.h.)
(4 s.h.)
MAP-353 Clinical Procedures I 4 s.h.
16-20 s.h.
Second Term
MAP-401 Medical Law and Ethics
OR HIT-420 Legal Aspects of Health Information
1 s.h.
(2 s.h.)
ADM-215 Medical Office Procedures** 3 s.h.
BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism 3 s.h.
HIT-210 Basic Medical Insurance & Coding 2 s.h.
HSC-121 Medical Terminology II 3 s.h.
MAP-359 Clinical Procedures II 6 s.h.
18-19 s.h.
Summer Term
MAP-622 Medical Assistant Practicum 6 s.h.
6 s.h.
Total Program Hours 40-45 s.h.

*Body Structure & Function OR Anatomy & Physiology I and II must be completed within five years of beginning the clinical procedures I and II
**Prerequisites: BCA-129 Basic Word Processing, BUS-121 Business Communications, and HIT-125 Essentials of Health Records or MAP-353 Clinical Procedures I.

Courses may be taken over a two-year period with Clinical Procedures I and II taken in the final year. Students may re-enter Clinical Procedures I and II a maximum of one time. Students may repeat the Practicum one time only.

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