Physical Science

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This guide has been prepared for NIACC students transferring to the colleges and universities listed.

Curriculum is recommended for each of the major courses that can be taken at NIACC. Students should, however, check the requirements of their major with a NIACC counselor/advisor.

Students are also encouraged to correspond with their transfer college to obtain a verification of their planned courses while at NIACC.

Grand View College

Completion of the A.A. Degree at NIACC will meet most general education requirements; the following courses are recommended as electives or general education within one’s A.A. studies:

Biology I and II 8 s.h.
General Chemistry I and II 10 s.h.
Organic Chemistry I and II 10 s.h.
College Physics I and II OR
Classical Physics I and II
8-10 s.h.
Computer Business Applications 3 s.h.
Differential Equations with Laplace 3 s.h.
Engineering Problems with FORTRAN OR
Engineering Graphics and Design
3 s.h.

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