Curriculum – Physical Therapist Assistant

Term 0
BIO-206 Anatomy and Physiology I* 4 s.h.
ENG-105 Composition I* 3 s.h.
7 s.h.
First Year - First Term
BIO-207 Anatomy and Physiology II* 4 s.h.
HSC-120 Medical Terminology* 3 s.h.
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology* ++ 3 s.h.
PTA-101 Introduction to PTA 2 s.h.
PTA-110 Fundamentals for PTA 3 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Term
ENG-106 Composition II* 3 s.h.
PTA-120 Kinesiology* 3 s.h.
PTA-141 Developmental Processes 3 s.h.
PTA-190 Physical Agents 4 s.h.
13 s.h.
Third Term (Summer - 7 weeks)
PTA-150 Pathophysiology 3 s.h.
PTA-162 PTA Assessment Procedures 3 s.h.
PTA-500 PTA Clinic I (3 weeks) 2 s.h.
8 s.h.
Second Year - Fourth Term
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology* 3 s.h.
PTA-210 Orthopedics 3 s.h.
PTA-231 Therapeutic Exercise for PTA 3 s.h.
PTA-241 Neurology for PTA 4 s.h.
PTA-250 PTA Career Essentials 2 s.h.
15 s.h.
Fifth Term
PTA-280 PTA Seminar 1 s.h.
PTA-501 PTA Clinic II (8 weeks) 7 s.h.
PTA-502 PTA Clinic III (6 weeks) 5 s.h.
13 s.h.
Total Program Hours 71 s.h.

*These courses may be taken prior to entering the program, but prerequisites may need to be taken. Note that Anatomy and Physiology must be taken within five years of beginning the program. BIO-207 Anatomy and Physiology II, required after entry into the program, must be completed at the same institution in which BIO-206 Anatomy and Physiology I was completed. Note that Kinesiology must be taken within three years of beginning the program. Students must earn a ā€œCā€ or higher in BIO-206 Anatomy and Physiology I, prior to taking Kinesiology.

++Once enrolled in the program, courses must be taken in the identified sequence with the exception of the following: Medical Terminology must be completed prior to Term III. Introduction to Psychology must be completed prior to Term IV. PSY-121 Development Psychology may be taken any time prior to Term V.

The student should be aware that clinicals necessitate travel to various hospitals and clinics and may necessitate housing expenses. Each individual clinical site may have specific requirements that vary (e.g., 10-hour days, background checks, drug testing, agency specific orientations, urinalysis tests). The student is responsible for all costs and must comply with clinical requirements in order to be provided with an affiliation.

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