Curriculum – Radiologic Technology

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NOTE: Students must obtain a minimum grade of C (2.00) in the NIACC courses.

Prerequisites: Prior to Interview
BIO-206 Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab* (NIACC) 4 s.h.
Prerequisites: Prior to First Term
BIO-207 Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab* (NIACC) 4 s.h.
HSC-120 Medical Terminology I (NIACC) 3 s.h.
NIACC General Education hours**
General Education 3 s.h.

**By the end of Term 2, students must have completed 3 s.h. from each of the General
Education categories: Math, Social Science/Humanities, and Communications.

Math (choose 3 s.h. from the following):
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts (NIACC) 3 s.h.
MAT-121 College Algebra (NIACC) 4 s.h.
MAT-156 Introduction to Statistics (NIACC) 3 s.h.
Social Science/Humanities (choose 3 s.h. from the following):
PHI-105 Introduction to Ethics (NIACC) 3 s.h.
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology (NIACC) 3 s.h.
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology (NIACC) 3 s.h.
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology (NIACC) 3 s.h.
ENG-105 Composition I (NIACC) 3 s.h.
14-15 s.h.

*Students should plan to take A&P I and A&P II at the same institution to eliminate gaps in content.

First Year - First Term
Radiation Protection (MMC-NI) 1 s.h.
Introduction to Radiologic Technology and Patient
Care (MMC-NI)
2 s.h.
Radiographic Image Critique I (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
Radiographic Procedures I with Lab (MMC-NI) 3 s.h.
Clinical I (MMC-NI) 4 s.h.
**NIACC General Education hours 3 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Term
Principles of Imaging (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
Radiation Protection and Biology (MMC-NI) 1 s.h.
Radiographic Image Critique II (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
Radiographic Procedures II with Lab (MMC-NI) 3 s.h.
Clinical II (MMC-NI) 6 s.h.
**NIACC General Education hours 3 s.h.
17 s.h.
Third Term
Medical Ethics and Legal Concerns (MMC-NI) 1 s.h.
Radiation Production (MMC-NI) 1 s.h.
Radiographic Procedures III with Lab (MMC-NI) 1.5 s.h.
Clinical III (MMC-NI) 6 s.h.
9.5 s.h.
Second Year - Fourth Term
RAD-764 Pharmacology for Radiographers (MMC-NI) 1 s.h.
Radiographic Image Processing (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
Imaging Equipment and Quality Management (MMC-NI) 1 s.h.
Radiographic Procedures IV with Lab (MMC-NI) 3.5 s.h.
Clinical IV (MMC-NI) 5 s.h.
12.5 s.h.
Fifth Term
RAD-573 Clinical V (MMC-NI) 6 s.h.
RAD-744 Radiographic Pathology (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
RAD-767 Radiographic Procedures V (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
RAD-901 Registry Review (MMC-NI) 2 s.h.
12 s.h.
Sixth Term
RAD-576 Clinical VI (MMC-NI) 5 s.h.
5 s.h.
Total Program Hours 85-86 s.h.

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