Overview & Employment – Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Certificate

The John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Certificate is designed for the aspiring student entrepreneur and is ideal for any student who someday would like to own and operate a business of his or her own.


Students will be able to explore a new business idea, conduct market research, prepare marketing and financial plans, and learn basic skills on how to own, operate, and manage the business.

Career Opportunities:

    • This specially designed Certificate program allows students in any academic program to learn the essential elements of creating and managing their own entrepreneurial venture.
    • Students will focus on the core business disciplines that will assist them in any new business venture.
    • Learn how to create a road map that will allow you to attract start-up funding, market your idea, and grow your entrepreneurial venture.
    • The Entrepreneurial Certificate program will teach you the basics of business ownership, and these skills will help you find employment.

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