Curriculum – Tool and Die Technology

First Year - First Term
BCA-119 Computer Orientation 1 s.h.
ENG-701 Communications I 3 s.h.
IND-190 Skills and Safety in Industry 1 s.h.
MFG-137 Machinist Math I 2 s.h.
OR MAT-801 Applied Math A (1 s.h.)
and MAT-802 Applied Math B (1 s.h.)
and MAT-803 Applied Math C (1 s.h.)
an and MAT-804 Applied Math D (1 s.h.)
MFG-120 Machine Trade Print Reading I 1 s.h.
MFG-245 Machine Theory and Operations I 9 s.h.
17-19 s.h.
Second Term
MFG-130 Machine Trade Print Reading II 1 s.h.
MFG-138 Machinist Math II 2 s.h.
MFG-248 Machine Theory and Operations II 7 s.h.
MFG-302 CNC Fundamentals 3 s.h.
PHY-720 Career Physics 4 s.h.
17 s.h.
Second Year - Third Term
MFG-108 Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) 2 s.h.
MFG-110 3-D Modeling 2 s.h.
MFG-380 EDM Fundamentals 2 s.h.
MFG-424 Jig and Fixtures 5 s.h.
MFG-500 Statistical Process Control (SPC) 1 s.h.
12 s.h.
Fourth Term
BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism 3 s.h.
MFG-320 Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) 3 s.h.
MFG-408 Basic Die Making 8 s.h.
WEL-335 Ag and Industry Welding 2 s.h.
16 s.h.
Fifth Term
ENG-702 Communications II 3 s.h.
MFG-312 Advanced CNC 2 s.h.
MFG-459 Injection Mold Making 9 s.h.
MFG-460 Plastics Materials 1 s.h.
15 s.h.
Total Program Hours 77-79 s.h.

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