Criminal Justice/Criminal Law

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Sample Schedule (2 year plan)

First Semester
ENG-102 Composition & Speech I 4 s.h.
MAT-156 Introduction to Statistics a 3 s.h.
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology 3 s.h.
CRJ-100 Intro to Criminal Justice 3 s.h.
CRJ-111 Police and Society 3 s.h.
SDV-199 College Essentials 1 s.h.
Total 17 s.h.
Second Semester
ENG-103 Composition & Speech II 4 s.h.
POL-111 American National Gov b OR
POL-112 American State/Local Gov
3 s.h.
Criminal Justice Electives 6 s.h.
Science class (see catalog for options) 3-4 s.h.
Total 16-17 s.h.
Third Semester
PSY-111 Intro to Psychology 3 s.h.
CRJ-120 Intro to Corrections 3 s.h.
Criminal Justice Electives 3 s.h.
PHI-105 Intro to Ethics 3 s.h.
LIT-230 Law Enforcement in Contemporary Literature 3 s.h.
Total 15 s.h.
Fourth Semester
Criminal Justice Electives 3-6 s.h.
General Education Elective c 3-5 s.h.
Humanities class 3 s.h.
Natural Science Class 3-4 s.h.
Total 12-16 s.h.

Note: Please check with transfer institution for their specific requirements or check with a NIACC counselor/advisor for further transfer planning.

a – Appropriate math level needed before enrolling in any math class. See NIACC catalog for list of the mathematics courses. If you are only planning on getting the AA degree with the Criminal Justice certificate, Math for Liberal Arts (MAT-110) will meet the mathematics requirement.
b – If transferring to ISU.
c – Choose two of the following three: PSY-121 (Developmental Psychology), SOC-115 (Social Problems), or SOC-120 (Marriage and Family)
d – Internship can also be taken during the third semester or during the summer term following the 2nd semester. (Highly recommended)

Suggested elective and additional General Education courses:

Marriage & Family
College Reading
Computer Applications
Public Speaking
American Indian History
First Aid
Intro to Chemistry
Intro to Statistics

Strategies for Academic Success

    • AA Degree meets the General Education Requirements for the College of Liberal Arts at most transfer institutions.
    • Check with transfer institution for Foreign Language Requirement.
    • Admission requirements vary from institution to institution. Contact the transfer institution or check with a NIACC counselor/advisor for assistance.

ISU Plan of Study
UI Plan of Study
UNI Plan of Study

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