Exercise Science/Human Physiology

Sample Schedule (2 year plan)

First Semester
ENG-102 Composition & Speech I 4 s.h.
MAT-121 College Algebra* OR
MAT-210 Calculus I*
4 s.h.
BIO-202 Biology I 4 s.h.
CHM-153 College Chemistry I + OR
CHM-166 Gen. Chemistry I
5 s.h.
SDV-199 College Essentials 1 s.h.
Total 18 s.h.
Second Semester
ENG-103 Composition & Speech II 4 s.h.
BIO-203 Biology II 4 s.h.
CHM-154 College Chemistry II + OR
CHM-176 Gen. Chemistry II
5 s.h.
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3 s.h.
Total 16 s.h.
Third Semester
BIO-206 Anatomy & Physiology I 4 s.h.
PHY-162 College Physics I 4 s.h.
SOC-110 Intro to Sociology 3 s.h.
Humanities Class 6 s.h.
Total 17 s.h.
Fourth Semester
BIO-207 Anatomy & Physiology II 4 s.h.
PHY-172 College Physics II 4 s.h.
Humanities Classes 6 s.h.
Social Science Class 3 s.h.
Total 17 s.h.

* – Appropriate math level needed before enrolling in any math class. See NIACC catalog for course placement information
Taking CHM-263 & CHM-273 Organic Chemistry I & II; BIO-151 Nutrition; MAT-156 Intro to Statistics; BCA-101 Intro to Computers; PEH-111 Personal Wellness may also be required depending on transfer institution.
+ – Chemistry & math level required is dependent on transfer institution and varies. Please check with your transfer institution for specific requirements.
* – Other recommended electives: Med. Term II, Microbiology, Abnormal Psychology
* – More natural sciences are listed beyond what is required for an AA Degree.
** – Check with transfer institution to determine if an AS Degree is appropriate for transfer.

Note: Please check with transfer institution for their specific requirements and check with a NIACC counselor/advisor for further transfer planning.

    • AA Degree meets the General Education Requirements for the College of Liberal Arts at most transfer institutions.
    • Check with transfer institution for Foreign Language & Diversity Requirements.
    • Admission requirements vary from institution to institution. Contact the transfer institution for assistance.
    • Suggested schedule dependent on entry level of student.

Note: Some students major in Exercise Science as a pre-graduate program. Check the course requirements for admission to your graduate program if this is your goal. Course requirements for Exercise Science may vary depending on Exercise Science Track you’ve chosen.

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