Summer General Education Classes

Summer Gen Ed Classes 2017

There are many benefits of taking a summer general education class. These general education classes are usually pre-requisites for classes you may need later in your academic plan and major. Our summer classes are three or six weeks in length which means you will be done quicker with the class and still have time to have some fun this summer. And because of the accelerated pace, you will have less distractions of other classes and can focus specifically on this one or two classes you are enrolled in.

At NIACC, our class sizes are smaller than general education classes at four-year college and universities so you will benefit from increased student-professor interaction. So pick a class that you may need some additional help in and focus your attention on it for a few weeks in the summer.

See our list of summer general education courses and how it transfers to your college. If your college is not listed, print the course outline and take it to your academic advisor to find out if it will transfer.

Course Outlines

ACC-111-W001 Introduction to Accounting
ACC-121-W001 Principles of Accounting I
ANT-105-W001 Cultural Anthropology
BCA-215-W001 Computer Business Applications
BIO-102-W001 Introductory Biology
BIO-103-0001 Introductory Biology Lab
BIO-151-W001 Nutrition
BIO-152-W001 Health and Nutrition
BIO-186-0002 Microbiology & Lab
BUS-130-0001 Intro to Entrepreneurship
CHM-151-0001 College Chemistry I & Lab
DRA-119-W001 Intro to Theatre, TV and Film
ECE-103-W001 Intro to Early Childhood Ed
ECE-131-W001 Home/School in Early Childhood
ECE-221-W001 Infant/Toddler Care & Education
ECN-115-W001 Personal Finance
ECN-120-W001 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN-130-W001 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG-105-W001 Composition I
ENV-110-0001 Environmental Science
HIS-151-W001 U.S. History to 1877
HIS-152-W001 U.S. History Since 1877
HSC-120-W001 Medical Terminology I
HSC-121-W001 Medical Terminology II
HSV-152-0001 Introduction to Counseling
LIT-160-W001 Short Story/Novel
LIT-170-W001 Poetry/Drama
MAT-110-0001 Math for Liberal Arts
MAT-121-W001 College Algebra
MAT-140-W001 Finite Math
MAT-156-0001 Introduction to Statistics
MAT-165-W001 Calculus (Business)
MAT-210-0001 Calculus I
MAT-210-W001 Calculus I
MAT-216-W001 Calculus II
MGT-101-W001 Principles of Management
MUS-100-W001 Music Appreciation
PEC-110-W001 Coaching Ethics Tech & Theory
PEC-115-W001 Athletic Dev & Human Growth
PEC-122-W001 Intro to A & P for Coaching
PEC-127-H001 Care/Prevention Athletic Injury
PEH-111-W001 Personal Wellness
PHI-105-W001 Introduction to Ethics
POL-121-W001 International Relations
PSY-111-0001 Introduction to Psychology
PSY-121-0001 Developmental Psychology
PSY-241-W001 Abnormal Psychology
SOC-110-W001 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-120-0001 Marriage and Family
SPC-112-W001 Public Speaking