Permanent Endowed and Term Scholarship Funds

Permanent Endowed Scholarship Funds

Dr. Carroll O. Adams and Velma I. Adams Scholarship
Earl Ashland Memorial Fund
Automotive Service Excellence Scholarship
Arlene Baia Memorial Scholarship
Bonnie Baia Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Martha Ann Thomson Barclay Scholarship
Donald Barnes Memorial Scholarship
Clifford H. Beem Memorial Fund
Bergland + Cram Endowment Fund
Wilbert & Luella Brandau Scholarship
Anna Rusley Brown Nursing Scholarship
Barbara Bush Scholarship Fund
Business & Professional Women Scholarship
Carstensen Family Scholarship Fund
Cerro Gordo County Medical Society Scholarship
Christopherson Medical Scholarship
Caroline O. Colson Memorial Scholarship
Concert Band Scholarship
George Coyan Memorial Scholarship Fund
R.L. and Helen Currie Memorial Scholarship
Brad and Renee Davis Ag Scholarship
Janet Dean Memorial Scholarship
Charles H. Debban Scholarship
Dellage Family Scholarship
Donald K. DePrenger Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John B. and Mary Jane Dixon Scholarship
Elgin G. Enabnit Scholarship Fund
Simon Estes Scholarship
Fangman Memorial Fund
Lloyd and Georgetta Farrer Scholarship
Edgar S. Gage Family Scholarship
William Georgou Memorial Scholarship
Henry R. Giesman Memorial Scholarship
Bill and Rachael Gildner Scholarship Fund
Gold-Eagle Cooperative Agricultural Scholarship
Paul and Clara Gustafson Memorial Fund
Esther C. Haase Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joel and Joyce Hanes Scholarship
Dale E. Harmon Memorial Scholarship
Stan Harrison Memorial Scholarship
Ward D. Harrison Memorial Fund
Polly Hedgecock Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leon and Naureen Heiman Memorial Scholarship
Dick and Jo Herbrechtsmeyer Scholarship
Hermanson Scholarship
John and Donna Hitzhusen Scholarship Fund
Ron and Margaret Hoel Scholarship
Frank Hoffman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Holmlund Scholarship
Robert H. and Mary Isensee Scholarship Fund
Jim and Sue Johnson Scholarship
Rollo C. Keithahn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Senator Jack Kibbie Veterans Scholarship
Harriet Klath and Carol Klath Schmiedeskamp Memorial Scholarship
Robert W. B. (Bob) Krieger Memorial Scholarship
Glen and Penny Krogh Scholarship Fund
Merle and Delores Kudej Scholarship
Del and Mary Laudner Agriculture Scholarship
Jon Lewerke Memorial Baseball Scholarship
Florence Liebl Memorial Fund
Kenneth A. Loeb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Art and Rachelle Lundblad Scholarship
Jeanine C. Marsters Nursing Scholarship
Charles W. and Mary Jane Maxon Memorial Scholarship
Becky K. McGee Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa Scholarship Fund
David and Jamey Moore Family Scholarship
Michael C. Morrison Scholarship
NIACC Employee Scholarship Fund
Darrell V. and Judy K. Nielsen Agricultural Scholarship
Jack and Joyce Nielsen Scholarship
North Iowa Automotive Technology Scholarship Fund
NSB Bank Scholarship
John Oertel Women’s Basketball Scholarship
James and Betty Oleson Scholarship
Opheim Family Scholarship
Esther Pagenhart Scholarship Fund
Molly and Tommy Pang Scholarship
Alma Partridge Education Scholarship Fund
Allen D. and Ann Y. Patton Scholarship Fund
Hjalmer and Margaret Peterson Memorial Fund
Joel Picker Social Science Scholarship
Dr. David Pierce Memorial Scholarship
Roger and Marie Pitman Memorial Fund
David G. and Jane Angelo Punke Scholarship
Terry D. Reichardt Memorial Engineering Scholarship
Colin and Carol Robinson Scholarship
John S. Rothamel Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn Ruby Nursing Scholarship
Geneva Rusley Secretarial Scholarship
Garrity Sandage Door Opener Scholarship
Schaefer Building Trades Scholarship
Marie J. Schalekamp Memorial Scholarship
Patrick Scherber Automotive Scholarship
Schmidt Family Scholarship
Schmidt Family Math Scholarship
Frank Schmitz Memorial Scholarship
Hazel Simpson Scholarship
Kathleen Sonnesyn Memorial Scholarship Fund
John O. Starks Memorial Scholarship Fund
Steneker Family Fund
Dean Stephens Memorial Scholarship
Esther L. Strickland Scholarship Fund
Delphine Suter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dale and Louise Swanson Scholarship
Helen Perkins Thompson Scholarship
George I. and Eunice A. Tice Scholarship
Samantha Jo Vining Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Calvin H. Warne Memorial Scholarship
Tom Wedeking Memorial Scholarship
Wempen Family Scholarship
Maude Wilson Vocal Music Scholarship
Melvin “Bud” Wilson Scholarship
Mary Furleigh Woerner Nursing Scholarship
Guy and Evelyn Zach Scholarship
Jamie T. Zanios Entrepreneurship Scholarship
Francis L. Zrostlik Manufacturing Technology Scholarship

Term Scholarships
(Sponsors vary annually)

75th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
85th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
ACE Credit Union Scholarship
Gordon and Johanna Anderson Scholarship
Area 2 High School Scholarships
Noreen H. Barkema Tuition Grants
Robert and Lois Bergland Scholarship
Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship
Jo and Gus Brandt Scholarship
Blackmore Broman Scholarship
Mariestelle Brown Memorial Scholarship
Charles City Scholarship Fund
C.L.A.S.S Car Club Automotive Scholarship
Gene Cole Memorial Scholarship
Communications 1 Network, Inc. Scholarship
CURRIES Scholarship
Delta Kappa Gamma XI Chapter
Jack Easton Memorial Scholarship
Mike and Robin Edgar Scholarship
Michael R. Emerson Criminal Justice Scholarship
Farm Credit Services of America Scholarship
First Citizens National Bank Scholarship
Gene and Pat Galasso Scholarship
HSED Scholarship
Betty Geer Scholarship Fund
David and Sandra Gobeli Scholarship
Mae D. Greene Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Gordon Memorial Scholarship
GROWMARK, Inc. Scholarship
Halvorson Trane HVAC Scholarship
Julie Harris Hupp Business Scholarship
Richard Hayes Memorial Scholarship
Frank and Margaret Hoffman Organ Study Scholarship
Hussey & Co. Scholarship
Norma Jaeger Scholarship
Harsha and Darshini Jayawardena Scholarship
Naomi and Thor Jensen Scholarship
GK Johnson Scholarship
Kaler Family Rugby Scholarship
Vernon L. Kirlin Memorial Scholarship
Ron and Karen Knudtson Scholarship
Lake Mills Scholarship Fund
Leadership Scholarship
Lifelong Learning Institute Scholarship
Paul and Barbara MacGregor Scholarship
Angus MacNider Memorial Scholarship
Kay Cavanaugh Maring Scholarship
Jeanine C. Marsters Nursing Scholarship
Ann Schinnow Mason Memorial Scholarship
Master’s Chiropractic Scholarship
MCHS Class of 1955 Scholarship
Mercy Medical Center Auxiliary-North Iowa Scholarship
Martin Marietta Scholarship
Metalcraft Scholarship
Herbert D. Muhlenbruch Farm Worker Scholarship
NIACC Ambassador Scholarship
NIACC Alumni Association Scholarship
NIACC Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship
NIACC Foundation Public Radio Scholarship
NIACC Foundation Tool and Die Technology Scholarship
NIACC IST Scholarship
NIACC IT Scholarship
NIACC Residence Hall Scholarship
NIACC Retiree Scholarship
North Iowa Area College Educators Association Scholarship (NIACEA)
North Iowa Broadcasting Scholarship
North Iowa Vintage Auto Club Scholarship
Oliver Scholarship
Frederick J. Olson Memorial Scholarship
P.E.O. Chapter GN Scholarship
John and Mary Pappajohn Scholarship
PDK Harold Webb Scholarship
The Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc. Scholarship
River City Street Rods Scholarship
RGS Memorial Scholarship
Robinson-McGuire Scholarship
Evelyn Ruby Nursing Scholarship
Hans C. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship
SSS Merit Scholarship
Sukup Manufacturing Scholarship
Susanta de Alwis Ambassador Scholarship
Bertha Stebens Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Ira Stinson Memorial Fund
Carol A. Adams Watson Memorial Scholarship
Annette Watts Burton Nursing Scholarship
George A. Weber Memorial Scholarship
Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship
Charles S. and Mildred M. Whitney Scholarship Fund
Ludie Wight Nursing Scholarship
Wood Business Scholarship
Young Plumbing & Heating Scholarship
Jamie Zanios Scholarship