NIACC @ Night


Unlike traditional college students, adult students must carefully plan their college schedules around their responsibilities. Families, jobs, and community duties make it difficult for adult students to take their classes at traditional times.

NIACC is offering an Associate of Arts Degree that can be obtained in two years by going two nights per week year round. Students are more than welcome to supplement their class schedule with an early morning or an online class to make it fit their schedule.

While many adult students tell us that they can’t fit one more thing in their schedule what they find is after enrolling in a couple of classes they find that their busy schedule actually benefits their organization and planning skills. Adult students who develop a routine and stick to it have less of a problem sustaining motivation and completing their goal of earning a college degree. Plus, if you ask any of our recent adult graduates, they’ll tell you that two years goes faster than you think. So why not start now and in two years, you’ll be done.

Admission requirements, tuition and fees, academic standards, transfer policy and procedures, grading policies and instructional standards are the same as students enrolled during the day.