• Student exhibits a high interest in the specific course or career area.
    • Student should have a satisfactory attendance record at their high school and understand the need for regular attendance to achieve academic success.
    • To enroll, contact your high school counselor or NIACC coordinator.
    • Enrollment Form

Concurrent Enrollment Process

A list of the NIACC concurrent enrollment courses offered at each high school is posted here.

A list of all NIACC classes, including online and on-campus classes.

NIACC coordinators work with the local high school guidance counselor in the enrollment process. All students desiring to take a college course while in high school must qualify under Iowa Senior Year Plus guidelines.  Guidelines are accessible at: Iowa Department of Education

    • Guidance counselor and NIACC staff determine the date when the NIACC Coordinator will come to the high school to enroll students.
    • High school students will need to have/know their social security number for the enrollment form.
    • Students who wish to drop a course must consult with their high school counselor. The last day to drop a course will be the two-thirds point of the term for a 16-week class.
    • Failure to withdraw from a course, as outlined above, will result in an F on a permanent college transcript.

Requirements for Course Enrollment

    • High school counselor limits enrollment to only those students who meet or surpass the Iowa Department of Education’s Senior Year Plus Guidelines as outlined at: Iowa Department of Education
    • Senior Year Plus restricts students to 23 semester hours of college credit per year.
    • Students who wish to take more than 23 semester hours can self-pay for the class(es).

Students taking NIACC Math and/or Writing Courses

  • Students who desire NIACC math must provide ACT or Accuplacer scores before enrollment is processed.
  • Students who desire NIACC writing classes must provide ACT scores or complete the NIACC Writing Assessment before the enrollment is processed.
  • ACT or Accuplacer scores must be at levels stated in the NIACC Student Handbook.
  • High school counselor instructs those students taking the ACT to list NIACC as an institution to automatically receive scores. Enter Code # 1336.
  • If the student does not list NIACC as a recipient, the high school counselor will need to forward a copy of the ACT scores to the Career Link/School Partnerships Office.
  • Those students who will not have ACT scores in the by June 1 will need to take the free Accuplacer Math and/or Writing Assessment by June 1.
  • Contact the NIACC Admissions Office to arrange for a Accuplacer testing appointment. 1-888-466-4222, extension 4245.
  • Accuplacer testing can be done at your high school.