NIACC President Provides Update on Student Housing Project

NIACC President Dr. Steve Schulz met today with members of the media to provide an update on the NIACC student housing construction project.

“We are extremely excited about the progress of our new student housing project,” he said. “Every time I walk down here and look at this construction site, I see progress. Our students are going to be thrilled to live here.”

Schulz also explained to the media that the housing project is a few weeks behind schedule. He believes it will be weeks, not months, for the east building to be finished, with the west building trailing by several weeks.

“We understand this is disappointing news for students,” Schulz said. “But it’s going to be worth the wait. They are going to move into what I believe is the best student housing in the Midwest. Students are going to love it.”

The patience and understanding of all students is very much appreciated.
“This is a complex construction project with 13 subcontractors. The complexity of the project, combined with the 12 months of challenging weather and site conditions have delayed this project,” he said while standing in front of the student housing site.
Before fall classes begin August 25, students will move into the existing dorms until the new housing is completed.

“The College has plans to help ease the moving process and transition to the new housing when that time arrives. Our goal is to move into the new units as soon as they are cleared for occupancy,” Schulz said.

Students will be assigned two rooms: one in the existing dorms and one in the new student housing. NIACC Housing officials sent a letter to all students who have registered to live on campus. It explains the delay and move-in process. Students will be compensated for each week they live in the original dorms.
“We are doing everything we can to move this project along so students can move in,” Schulz said.

Information about New Student Housing at NIACC 

The new student housing is located next to the NIACC ponds, a walking/ bike trail that goes into town, basketball, sand volleyball and tennis courts. The new air-conditioned housing includes state-of-the art security, free Wi-Fi, a computer lab, a meeting room, a convenience store and common spaces for studying and socializing.

Other details of the facility include:

Floor lounges
• Large screen TV’s for viewing or gaming
• Countertop and sink for washing utensils and cups
• Laundry facility in each wing with multiple washers and dryers
• Power shades to adjust the lighting in the lounges
• Microwave

Security Features
• Swipe key and pass code required to enter your suite
• 50+ security cameras
• 12 Resident Advisors live in a private suite on the floors
• Two professional staff Head Residents live right on site

Other Features
• Common space at entrance of facility for meeting friends, watching TV or just hanging out
• Classroom with access to 20 computers
• Elevators in each wing
• Incredible lake views from each room and floor lounge
• Lots of natural lighting
• Personal mailbox
• Every floor has its own recycling center
• Personal swipe cards works for entrance to the building, suite and all needs on campus, such as checking out books and purchasing items at the Book Store, Convenience Store and Cafeteria.

Fall classes at NIACC begin Monday August 25. Anyone who is interested in enrolling may call the NIACC Admissions Office at 1-888- GO NIAC. Ask for Admissions. A video of the student housing featuring details and architectural concepts can be found on the NIACC YouTube Channel. That can be easily accessed from the home page of the NIACC web site:

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