Day Warehouse – 7G Distributing, LLC

Company Name: 7G Distributing, LLC

Job Responsibilities: • Keep unauthorized personnel out of the warehouse.
• Secure the inventory and warehouse at all times.
• Unload product from Suppliers, complete receiving paperwork, deliver the paperwork to Accounting, and put away received products as directed by management.
• Ability to lift up to 165 lbs. regularly
• Maintain 0 accidents for workers compensation claims or property claims per month
• Stage product for next day delivery and hot shots
• Load product onto trucks for delivery drivers, hot shots, and dunnage returns.
• Transfer product from one pick location to another pick location.
• Restock flow racks and pick areas as required.
• Complete Morning Check-Out / Evening Check-In processes for drivers following 7G Distributing, LLC formal procedures.
• Prepare warehouse readiness for night crew
• Ensure the warehouse is clean and orderly
• Ensure no beer is left outside the CEW
• Complete a physical inventory count daily and deliver paperwork to the Operations Manager
• Safely operate stand-up and sit-down forklifts, electric pallet jacks, compactor, baler, walk behind and ride-on scrubbers, tape machine, glue gun, air stapler, and shrink wrap machine and complete equipment checklist daily and before first use.
• Maintain certifications for forklifts and electric pallet jacks operation.
• Follow company policies and safety procedures as required.
• Participate in daily clean-up as well as general maintenance duties assigned by the Operations Manager

Pay Range: $12-$15/hr

Company Address: 5035 Chavenelle Road, Dubuque Iowa, 52002

Company Phone: (319) 848-2337

Fax: (319) 538-0105

Company Email:

Company Website:

Hours Per Week: Full-time

Days: 4 days per week

Hours: 40

Date Position Expires: 02/28/2017

How to Apply: Apply online via the company website

Requirements: Background Check, Drug Test

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