NIACC Presents “Pearls of the Caribbean” Film

The 2016-17 Travel and Adventure Film Series continues with “Pearls of the Caribbean” at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22 in the North Iowa Community Auditorium, located on the North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) campus. Please note this is a change from the original film “Cuba’s Secret Side.” Cuba will be featured in the “Pearls of the Caribbean” film. The 2016-17 Travel and Adventure Series is sponsored by NIACC.

Set sail with Marlin Darrah, the world’s most traveled filmmaker, to explore several island gems sprinkled throughout the Caribbean. Countries and cities visited are San Juan, Puerto Rico; Havana, Cuba; St. Barts; St. Maarten; Antigua; Dominica; St. Lucia; and Barbados.

The Caribbean features some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world – from beaches to forests to mountains. Here you can see every conceivable shade of blue in the water, every variation of flower, every brightly colored bird.

A collection of small nations and territories with astonishingly diverse ways of life – each island proud of its own culture. The islands were settled by migrant tribes from South America, gold-seeking Spaniards and European planters from France, England, Netherlands and Denmark.

Add pirates, a huge African slave culture, then stir in Indians, Chinese, Syrians, Lebanese, more South Americans, and you have the dizzying recipe that makes up these islands. The racial mix has produced an astonishing musical and artistic energy, which climaxes in the exciting week of Carnival.

This program captures the spirit of the Caribbean, and the people are, in general, so open, that you can easily explore all its realms: political, religious and cultural. This film was shot in 2013 on High-Definition video.

The 2016-17 Travel and Adventure Film Series is shown in the North Iowa Community Auditorium. These films appeal to a wide audience of travelers. Beautiful scenery, out-of-the-ordinary locations, various cultures and people are depicted throughout the films. Tickets are only $5 for adults and $3 for students. Tickets may be purchased at the door. For information, call the NIACC Continuing Education office at 641-422-4358.

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