IT Internship – Sukup Mfg.

Company Name: Sukup Manufacturing Co.

Job Responsibilities: The General IT Internship is accountable for maintaining network hardware and equipment; installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting end user workstation hardware, software, and peripheral devices; ensuring network connectivity of all workstations; equipment, hardware and software upgrades; and other duties as assigned by management.

Pay Range: $10-$16

Company Address: 1555 255TH ST, Sheffield Iowa, 50475

Company Phone: (641) 892-4222

Fax: (641) 892-4884

Company Email:

Company Website:

Hours Per Week: Full-time

Days: Monday-Friday

Hours: 45 Hour work weeks

Date Position Expires: 12/31/2017

How to Apply: Apply online via the company website, Fax resume and cover letter, Email resume and cover letter

Requirements: Drug Test

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