NIACC Career Connections


You can expect to work at least 86,000 hours over your lifetime! Wouldn’t you like to have a career in a field where you will enjoy spending those hours?  You can with a little planning.

NIACC Career Connections will help you explore a variety of exciting career and educational opportunities in north central Iowa as you plan your future.  Are you interested in learning more about good paying careers? Do you know what type of education is needed?  Not sure what career you’re interested in?  NIACC Career Connections can facilitate these student activities:

  • Student Job Shadow
  • Student Work Site Tour
  • Student Internship
  • Student Other Experience

These experiences make school relevant to you while they help you:

  • Explore and prepare for your academic and career journey
  • Learn desired employability skills employers are looking for
  • Understand the education and training required for your career interest
  • Learn more about what North Iowa has to offer
  • Make well-informed education and career decisions
  • Make, develop and sustain relationships with potential employers
  • Discover well-paying careers in North Central Iowa

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