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Please take a moment to review this information prior to participation in a class offered by your local Iowa community college. We want you to have a great learning experience while attending the Internet Classroom!

Class Presentation

Pictutre of Man with WebcamThe class you are registered to attend is broadcast as an instructor led webinar. Participate using a home or office computer with a reliable Internet connection. You have two options for participating in the audio broadcast. Option 1 is to participate in a teleconference, Option 2 is via the Internet. For Option 2 your computer requires a sound card and speakers. Participants need a reliable Internet connection to ensure there is no delay in audio or video delivery.

Link to video on audio setup.

Picture of Cisco WebEx Help - ScreenshotPlease check on the capability of the computer before the start of the class

We are utilizing WebEx Event Center to broadcast the Internet Classroom. Event Center does not currently support delivery to iOS mobile devices. Please check to see if your computer is capable of participating in the Internet Classroom. “Join a test meeting” at: