Continuing and Community Education

Council on Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL)

You may be able to Earn College Credit for what you already know!

This knowledge may have been acquired from: (non-classroom experiences)

  • Work
  • Military Service
  • Non-credit course
  • Employer training programs
  • Volunteer or community service
  • Personal life

Find out if your knowledge and experience can get you closer to finishing your undergraduate degree.

Call 641-422-4207 to make an appointment with a counselor at NIACC. The counselor will help you determine how your earned credit could apply to a NIACC degree, diploma or certificate.

After meeting with the counselor, you will sign up for a non-credit course “Developing Your Portfolio for College Credit” for $129.00. This course will guide you through the steps of creating an online portfolio that matches your experience and knowledge to NIACC college courses.

You will submit your portfolio to Learning Counts to be evaluated by one of their experienced faculty who will assess your portfolio and make recommendations for NIACC college credit.

You can submit one class per portfolio. The cost to submit a portfolio is $125.

To be successful in your “Developing Your Portfolio for College Credit”

  • Have access to a computer with high-speed internet
  • Be self-motivated and have some experience or interest in online learning
  • Be self-reflective and willing to commit to understanding what constitutes college level learning
  • Have college-level competency in written English
  • Be diligent in ensuring the credits requested through the portfolio will not duplicate other credits already earned and will fit within a degree plan