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i-Pathways (HSED Online)


i-Pathways  Brochure

What is i-Pathways?

i-Pathways is a blended approach where students work with both the HSED and i-Pathways instructor
Students take assessments and tests with the HSED instructor at their local HSED site while instruction is on-line with the i-pathways instructor

Who are good candidates for i-pathways?

Learners with logistical needs such as childcare and transportation
Learners with medical or mental health needs
Learners with an online or distance learning preference
Transition learners seeking post-secondary education
Social service recipients (DHS), dislocated workers, community service users

What skills are needed?

Time management
Motivation and determination to succeed
Technological understanding of computers
Ability to navigate the internet
Strong reading and math skills
Effective writing and strong communication skills

What are the technology requirements?

Students must have daily access to a computer
Students must have good word processing skills
Students must be able to easily move around a web site
Students must be able to read and post notices on a discussion board
Students should be comfortable participating in chat lines, with other students, and their instructor
Students must know and follow proper “Netiquette” accepted rules for Internet usage

What are some benefits of i-pathways?

Flexibility to study at own pace
No travel to/from class except for assessment and testing
Support from HSED-i instructor as student works through each lesson
Lessons are interactive
Links to informative, interesting, and current web sites

What are the fees?

There are no class fees.
There is a testing fee of $50.00 for the five HSED tests
There is a one-time diploma fee of $10.00

What are the next steps?

Students begin by taking a reading and math assessment at their local HSED site
Students need to score 236 or above in reading and math
If eligible students receive a brochure explaining i-pathways
Students contact i-Pathways instructor within one week of taking reading and math assessment