Entrepreneurs’ Exchange

Networking is a key component in any entrepreneur’s success, and the NIACC JPEC and SBDC bring entrepreneurs together for special events, such as the Entrepreneurs’ Exchange. The Entrepreneurs’ Exchange provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas, learn from featured guest speakers, and even conduct business. Entrepreneurs’ Exchanges are held six times a year and are free of charge.

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Dear Dan and Mark,

“I attended the “Road Maps for E-Marketing” seminar 3/17/09. I found the seminar to be very informative and well organized. I was impressed with how Dan made it so interesting and interactive. In fact, I wish the seminar had run longer…..I wanted to express how the seminar impacted us and thank you both for the excellent opportunity. I am looking forward to future related events.”

Joshua Enabnit Sales Manager
Advanced Concept Distribution

Picture of group meeting