Student Life

North Iowa Career Fair

April 5, 2017 • 11:00a.m. – 2:00p.m. • NIACC Gymnasium

North Iowa Career Fair is an outstanding opportunity for employers, students, alumni and community members to connect. This event draws a diverse range of employers representing various industries. Join us for this exciting opportunity to connect with both employers and job seekers.

Employer Registration

Employer registration is closed. All booths are full. Employers may contact Melinda at 641.422.1524 extension 44510 to be put on a interest list should a booth become available.

North Iowa Career Fair is being hosted by NIACC in partnership with IowaWORKS North Iowa.

Career Fair Tips For Success

Attending a job fair gives you something a job board or website can’t- personal interaction with a recruiter.  The reality, however, is that recruiters may see hundreds of applicants over the course of the event.  Therefore, your goal is to make a good impression on the recruiter.  Here are some tips to ensure YOU get the most out of this event!

Do Not Rule Out A Company Just Because They Are Not In Your Field
For example, even though you are marketing major, you should consider speaking with recruiters from hotels, since they have a marketing department.  Likewise, Accounting majors may consider inquiring about opportunities with a hospital.

Prepare What You are Going to Say to Each Employer

  • Since career fairs are busy, you might only have 15-20 seconds to present yourself to each employer, so think carefully about what you want to cover and how best to say it.  Your introduction could sound something like this:  “Hello. My name is James Johnson and I am an Accounting major graduating in May. After learning that your company would be attending the Career Fair, I visited your website and I’m very interested in learning more about the types of opportunities you are recruiting for.”
  • Despite the name “Career Fair”, you are NOT trying to get a job at the event.  You are trying to get an interview.  Companies don’t hire “on the spot.”  Try to build rapport with the recruiter by expressing genuine interest in the company.  Describe your qualifications see if they match the requirements of the positions they are hiring.
  • DO NOT ask any questions about salary and benefits.  It is too early in the process.  Once you are offered a job, you can then try to negotiate a salary.  It is impractical, and unprofessional, to do this at a fair.
  • After speaking with a recruiter, get a business card and ask if you can send your resume directly to them, since hopefully you have made a good impression.  If you are directed to an online application process, ask them if there is anything you can do to stand out or other advice for getting a “foot in the door.”

Dress Professionally
Even if recruiters appear in casual attire, they will expect you to be in professional business attire.  You need to be neatly groomed.  Your chances for an interview could be risked if you wear anything that can distract an employer from focusing on your qualifications.  For example, heavy perfume or facial jewelry.

Follow Up
The reality is that fewer recruiters are accepting paper resumes at career fairs.  They are directing job seekers to online application processes.  So, the real work may actually begin after the event.  When writing your cover letter, mention that you met “Pam Wright, the recruiter from your company at the NIACC Career Fair, and she indicated I may be a good fit for the Accounting Associate position.”