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Résumé & Job Search Tools

A well-put-together résumé and cover letter are job search essentials. Once you’ve secured an interview you’ll want to put your best foot forward. The following tools will help you create or refine your résumé and cover letter and provide tips to prepare for your interviews.


The résumé is a marketing tool that clearly states what skills you have to offer based on the needs of the employer. You need to sell your skills, abilities, and experiences to the employer with the goal of convincing the employer that you can fulfill his/her need. Your résumé should also be targeted to relate directly to the requirements of the job, so you may need more than one résumé depending upon your career goals.

Cover Letter

A cover letter emphasizes your skills and abilities and provides an opportunity for you to highlight one or two of your professional accomplishments. The cover letter is meant to be concise and not restate information presented in your résumé. Your cover letter must always be an “original” letter and never be a form letter. When sending a résumé to an employer, always include a cover letter, and remember to sigh your letter!

A Job interview provides you with the opportunity to sell yourself. The first impression you make on a recruiter or potential supervisor is crucial to the construction of your professional image. Here are some tips to help you make a professional first impression on your interview.

How to Dress For an Interview: