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Career Maps

Labor market forecasts point to significant skills shortages. Improving the knowledge, skills and credential attainment of workers is an urgent priority. If left unaddressed, these shortages could have a detrimental effect on our regional economy and reduce our competitiveness in the global economy.

Career pathways offer an effective approach to meeting these challenges. Employers in the targeted industry sectors are actively engaged in determining the skills requirements for employment or career progression in high-demand occupations in our region. By aligning education, training and employment services among public agencies, with the skill needs of the region, we hope to increase the number of workers in the region who gain the industry-recognized and academic credentials they need to work in the most in-demand occupations. Career maps of these high demand sectors, provide detailed information to facilitate choices, based on individual talent and organizational needs. These visual roadmaps assist workers and students as they navigate their pathway to better jobs and increased earnings, providing multiple entry and exit points along the way.