Student Life

Global Diversity

Students are welcome to attend monthly Global Diversity meetings. The Global Diversity Committee includes NIACC’s President, Dr. Steve Schulz, staff and faculty. Campus diversity is the purpose of the committee. We also plan monthly campus activities to create awareness and make decisions for an optimal campus environment.

Philosophy/Mission Statement:

“The College seeks to make NIACC a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. The College encourages all to respect and appreciate diversity. Examining different perspectives, approaches, and thoughts is an important part of learning and can enrich and help prepare students for living in, serving and contributing to a global society. As an educational institution, NIACC will strive to support and respect differences in the world and to learn from these differences.”

How to Join

Contact the Club Advisor.

Club Advisors

Dalila Sajadian
Mara Ouverson