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The Trojan Troupe

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The purpose of The Trojan Troupe is to provide entertainment for club members; NIACC students, faculty, and staff; and to persons in the surrounding NIACC area, including community organizations including but not limited to children’s hospitals and senior citizen centers. Activities could include flash mobs, on-demand improvizations, planned theatrical shorts, fundraisers for community organizations or the club itself, and social events for club members, including but not limited to dinner theaters, professional theatrical presentations, etc. The club may even partner with local community or school drama departments in various capacities.

How to Join

Each member must be a current student at NIACC and registered for at least three (3) semester hours of credit. Members must adhere to the Student Conduct Code as delineated in the NIACC Student Handbook and be committed to portraying a positive image of NIACC students, faculty, and staff both on and away from the NIACC campus. Students who demonstrate conduct to the contrary will be removed from the membership rolls of this club resulting in revocation of all privileges of membership. Membership solicitation occurs at the initial registration process.

Club Advisor

Club Advisor Gary Harrig - The Trojan Troupe

Gary Herrig