Student Life


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Double RoomsPicture of Room Layout

Many students choose to have a roommate. Each double occupancy room has either two single standing beds or a set of bunk beds. Student roommates selections are made by housing staff, but you can also request a specific roommate. If you want a specific roommate, you must identify that on your contract.

Single Rooms

Some students have a room to themselves. Single rooms are assigned based on availability. Priority is given first to returning sophomores and then to new applications based on the date their materials are received. Single rooms cost $350 extra per semester.

Picture of Room Layout


We provide every student with a bed; however, many choose to personalize their room and maximize the space by building a loft. If you plan to build a loft in your room, the room dimensions and sample plans shown here should prove helpful to you. All lofts must be free standing (No hanging lofts are allowed). Note: Individuals building lofts take full responsibility for the soundness and strength of the finished product. In no way is NIACC responsible for accidents occurring during the building of a loft or at any time during which it is being used.