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Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts

Sample Schedule (2 year plan)

First Semester
ENG-105 Composition I 3 s.h.
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts* 3 s.h.
SDV-160 Career Decision Making 2 s.h.
SDV-113 Strats for Acad. Success 2 s.h.
SDV-199 College Essentials 1 s.h.
Social Science class 3 s.h.
Total 14 s.h.
Second Semester
ENG-106 Composition II 3 s.h.
Humanities class 3 s.h.
Science class 3-4 s.h.
Social Science class 3 s.h.
Elective 3-4 s.h.
Total 15-17 s.h.
Third Semester
SPC-112 Public Speaking 3 s.h.
Humanities class 3 s.h.
Social Science class 3 s.h.
Natural Science class 3 s.h.
Electives 3-4 s.h.
Total 15-16 s.h.
Fourth Semester
General Education electives 5 s.h.
Humanities Class 3 s.h.
Electives 9 s.h.
Total 17 s.h.

* – Appropriate math level needed before enrolling in any math class. See NIACC catalog for list of General Education courses.

The total credits required for an Associate of Arts degree is 62 credits, so when choosing your credit load per semester, keep that number in mind.

Note: Please check with transfer institution for their specific requirements or check with a NIACC counselor/advisor for further transfer planning.

    • AA Degree meets the General Education Requirements for the College of Liberal Arts at most transfer institutions.
    • Check with transfer institution for Foreign Language Requirement.
    • Admission requirements vary from institution to institution. Contact the transfer institution or check with a NIACC counselor/advisor for assistance.
    • Suggested schedule dependent on entry level of student.

Suggested Electives:

    • College Reading
    • Strategies Computer
    • Business Applications
    • Intro to Computers
    • Intro to Business
    • Intro to Teaching
    • Strategies for Academic Success