What do you like about NIACC? What do you think NIACC can improve on?

Photo Opinion
By Allyson Effle
Logos Lite Student
April 10, 2018

Name: Candice Wenthe
Major: Forensic Science
Hometown: Postville, IA
“I like that it’s not too big of a campus, but it’s not too small either. Also, it’s cheaper than going to a university if you have no clue what you want to do with your life. I think NIACC could improve on their WIFI because it randomly shuts off during the day. I also think that they could improve on maintaining the showers a little more because some days they are cold.”

Name: Stacey Sewe
Major: Medical Administrative Assistance
Hometown: Mombasa, Kenya
“I like the learning environment. The professors are very helpful and understanding. I think NIACC could improve on the food. I would love to see more healthy and nutritious items.”

Name: Chandler Thompson
Major: Agriculture Business
Hometown: Forest City, IA
“I like that all the professors are friendly and are willing to help us whenever they can. I think NIACC can improve on the food.”

Name: Jake Hansen
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Chicago, IL
“I like seeing the different cultures around campus and seeing how close everyone is. I think NIACC can approve on the cafeteria food.”

Name: Emily Rice
Major: Business
Hometown: Lake Mills, IA
“One thing I like about NIACC is the small class sizes. It’s lot easier to interact with the professors. I also like that it’s easier to get homework help. I really like that NIACC really does make it a bit easier to succeed. I don’t live on campus, so I don’t really have an input on how NIACC could improve. I do hear from other students that they wish there was more to do on campus. I’ve heard from one of my professors if you create a unique experience and a good atmosphere, people will want to come back.”

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