“Black Panther” makes strong run in theaters

By Kyle Stumo
Logos Lite Student
May 1, 2018

“Black Panther” is a new super hero movie based on an African American country called Wakanda and their leader, T’Challa, and their protector, the Black Panther.

Wakanda is deemed a third-world country by the rest of the world, but the world doesn’t know that they have technology beyond their wildest dreams. 

 T’Challa is challenged by Eric Kilomnger, who turns out to be his long lost cousin, for the crown to Wakanda and to be the Black Panther. 

T’Challa must convince his family and his people that he is the right fit for king and the right person to protect them and run their country. 

Throughout the movie, he battles against Kilmonger for pride and what is right and morally wrong. With internal and external factors at play, T’Challa must make decisions to affect his family, himself and the entire world. 

What Black Panther did well in the movie was incorporating how African civilizations act and the customs that they follow as well as the accents that they used during the movie. The plot and main story line that they used is very easy to follow. The producers picked the right actors for the parts of the African village of Wakanda. 

The disappointing part of the film was the dialogue they used for Michael B Jordan’s character, Kilmongre. They tried to have him act like a kid who grew up on the street, but without the use of swear words his dialogue was very weird and corny at times. The intentions that they have for his character are good and understandable. 

I give the movie 9/10 rating all the way through. Solid movie backed up by good acting and solid plot. 

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