Fitness and health play important role in college students’ lives

By Kyle Stumo
Logos Lite Student
May 1, 2018

College students all have their own different opinions, but many see fitness and working out as something that is important and needed in life. 

Being active is known to improve lives in many different ways. Not only does being active directly affect physical appearance, but it also helps out with self-perception and confidence. Being confident with what people do helps them make tougher and more interesting choices. 

Current and former athletes, such as Thomas Yezek of UNI and Mason Olson of ISU, both have some common ideas and thoughts about working out. 

Thomas is a discus and shot thrower at UNI and has been interested in physical fitness ever since his freshman year of high school. Thomas uses fitness and working out as a way to stay in shape for track and to keep his appearance looking the same and at the level he wishes to have. 

Olson is a dietary major at ISU and knows the importance of fitness and healthy meals for both short-term health and long-term health. 

What are the benefits of diet and exercise? “The short term effects are it boosts self-esteem, it helps keep you healthy by boosting the immune system. Working out helps cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength which makes everyday life easier,” Olson said.

The long-term effects of working out and a healthy diet include prevention of heart disease, prevention of diabetes, less joint point due to being overweight and the body will function better and longer. Working out also reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Scott Hengesteg, a track athlete at NIACC, said this about physical fitness, “It helps me deal with stress for school, work, family, etc. I can perform physical demanding tasks without feeling exhausted.”

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