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It didn’t taste right

By Savannah Moore Logos Lite Student All I needed was for your lips to envelope mine and we would feel something Because I’ve always known we’re meant to be. When you finally did kiss me, I felt a spark. I heard a bright trumpet and the Earth was no longer under my feet. But it didn’t taste right. I realize now There were no fireworks. The fanfare did not play; The world kept spinning. Spinning … Continue reading It didn’t taste right


By Monique Concepcion Logos Lite Student Whenever it’s summertime, if I have enough time to travel or I’m in my summer break, I would go to Japan to visit my family and travel around places I wanted to visit. My bucket-list is extremely long, and there are things I want to enjoy in my life time. In this story, I would like to share my experiences of traditional holidays, ceremonies and culture in Japan and … Continue reading Fireworks


By Pauline Walker Logos Lite Student “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ― Maya Angelou What does it mean to be normal? One definition that most likely matches the opinions of today’s society is: “conforming to a standard; usual; typical; or expected.” It seems sort of boring, doesn’t it? So, why does everyone want to be “normal”? Why is it that, if you’re not … Continue reading Normal

April Fools’!

By Pauline Walker Logos Lite Student This story was inspired by true events. “We should actually prank someone today,” Katherine announced randomly on April 1st from across the small living room of the home she’d lived all 19 years of her life. “We say that every year,” her best friend Lisa pointed out from her spot lounging on the couch, “and we always come up with ideas that we never go through with.” “Not true! … Continue reading April Fools’!

Creative Photos

By Pauline Walker Logos Lite Student These are all pictures of random objects taken around the NIACC campus, both inside and outside. They’re of an air vent, frosted leaves, a concrete outdoor bench, and a cushioned seat in the halls.   

You Are Your Strength

  By Diamond Miller Logos Lite Student What is it that gives us the strength to continue? When we are burnt out? We feel we have nothing left, or when we dig way deep to find the answer. What is it that gives us the strength to continue? When we realize that something “is” left? Or when we cry so much and we’re all cried out. What is it that gives us the strength to … Continue reading You Are Your Strength

Most Prized Possession

  By Pauline Walker Logos Lite Student When I left work, it was to find a piece of paper on the windshield of my rusty old car. At first, I thought it was a parking ticket, but it wasn’t a bright yellow color, it was a small, white, lined notepad paper with several messy sentences scrawled across. ‘I’ve taken your most prized possession. If you want to see it again, intact, meet me tonight at … Continue reading Most Prized Possession

Lucky Rabbit

By Pauline Walker Logos Lite Student This short story was written based on a writing prompt from Writer’s Digest. They told me seeing a turtle on your wedding day would bring good luck. So, when I looked out the window of my changing room a few hours before my wedding to see a turtle across the street, I decided I wanted it. I glanced over my shoulder, ensuring my mom and sister, who were helping … Continue reading Lucky Rabbit

What Christmas Means To Me

By David Becker Logos Lite Student I have always been a big fan of Christmas and what it represents. In all of my memories, the Christmas season memories have always been the ones that have stood out. For example, during my freshman year of high school, it was the last day of the semester and classes were getting out. Right as I was about to leave the school, it began to snow. I will always … Continue reading What Christmas Means To Me