Entrepreneur for a Day (E4D®)

The Entrepreneur for a Day (E4D®) program is dedicated to teaching 5th grade students the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and how to start a business. Students learn the distinct differences between becoming an entrepreneur and being an employee. One of the goals of the program  is to get kids thinking about being a job creator versus a job taker. We encourage them to understand that entrepreneurship is a viable career pathway.

During this two session program, participants experience business planning, financial literacy, marketing concepts, work place concepts, social responsibility, and team-building skills. This is actually the first step in getting entrepreneurship education into the schools.

    • During the first day, trained facilitators visit the students’ classroom and get them excited about the program by introducing terms and concepts of entrepreneurship. girl Picture of Girl playing with playdoughplaying with playdough
    • The second day, students are invited to visit the NIACC campus where they choose a product, borrow money from a bank, buy resources they will need, make the product, then sell the product and determine if they made a profit.
    • The visit concludes with a tour of NIACC which offers students a sense of campus life, diversity, and validates college. Many of these students may be the first generation in their families to attend college, and the campus presence enables the students to make a post secondary connection.