E4D® Curriculum

E4D® is a visionary education and economic development strategy designed to enable youth to become successfully “employed” by starting and owning their own enterprises.

This program is a brainchild developed by the NIACC JPEC, inspired after visiting Springfield Technical Community College and observing their Entrepreneur for a Day program as well as based on the concepts from Play-Doh Economics from the Council of Economic Education. E4D® was spurred by research that revealed 25 percent of kindergarten students have entrepreneurship characteristics as compared to three percent of high school students (Lobler, 2006). Understanding the necessity to nurture and foster these innate abilities at a young age, the NIACC JPEC developed this entrepreneurial curriculum for upper elementary students.

NIACC JPEC Entrepreneur for a Day (E4D®) curriculum is licensed and protected. Licensing and training agreements are available for purchase. This program is an excellent opportunity for Community and County Foundations, Economic Developers and Community Colleges to lead and deliver to their respective regions.
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Picture of Jamie Tanios shaking handsPurchased License Agreements
Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation purchased an E4D® curriculum license. They partner with Ellsworth Community College and Hardin County Farm Bureau to deliver E4D® in all six school districts in Hardin County annually.   “HCCEF is proud to collaborate with our partners in promoting entrepreneurial literacy with our youth,” says Carol Gilbert, HCCEF Chair. “When young people have the opportunity to participate in the E4D® program, they begin to unlock their unique entrepreneurial creativity, have a greater understanding of the free enterprise system, improve the quality of their lives, and dare to dream for bright futures.”