Program Assets

    • E4D® links school standards to the curriculum and meets career-building curriculum requirements required by state
    • Shows students the purpose of learning important skills in school (reading, writing, math, oral communication)
    • Students reflect throughout the day in their journals to help build their critical thinking skills
    • Promotes student creativity and innovation
    • Builds partnerships with community college and regional school districts

Picture of Lady helping boy
In these times of economic uncertainty, the E4D® program is more necessary than ever.  During this program, students become more aware of entrepreneurship and the work that must go into running small and large businesses.  They experience the organization, accounting, and production of a product and also realize the importance of quality work and cooperation.  They also learn budgeting, borrowing, and importance of the banking system which may help them understand budgets at home and see the importance of the family working together.“]

-Ellen Grady-Manns, 5th grade teacher from Riceville