The conversations with the students have completely changed” – 6th Grade Counselor

Maybe I will go to college” – E4D® Student

I learned that an entrepreneur is the person in charge of a business and they have people work for them… and they have to pay them, too!” – E4D® Student

The concept that students have choices in what they do for a living was planted during the two-day session.” – 5th Grade Teacher

We are impressed with the program,” said fifth-grade teacher Jennifer Hammer of West Hancock. “The state expects us to educate our children with relevance — and this is a great example of a relevant math activity.

This was a terrific experience for the students. They learned so much about being an entrepreneur, working with a budget, and most importantly, working as a team. These skills that the students will be able to use for their entire lives.” – Kendra Haugen, Belmond-Klemme 5th grade teacher.

As a 5th grade teacher, I see on a daily basis the dreams, the goals, and the aspiration my students have for their future, and we always work hard towards making those dreams possible. Through E4D®, students have the opportunity to articulate those future desires, learn some basics of what it takes to run a business, and work together in the incredibly positive environment created by the good people at NIACC to discover what it means to be an entrepreneur.” – Eric Hoefer, Charles City teacher.

My fifth graders have been so fortunate to be able to participate in E4D®. In Social Studies we talk about our country’s system of free enterprise. We learn that since colonial times, people have worked hard in their own businesses they participated in, the students received valuable insight into what it takes to start a business and make it successful. I feel that introducing 5th graders to the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and how to start a business ‘plants seeds of knowledge’ at an early age that may help their future endeavors blossom into successful businesses.” – Mary Trezona, Clear Creek Elementary teacher.

My class loved the E4D® experience. All of my students found success, but it was especially fun to watch some of my students soar and thrive with the group activities.” – Ann Kockler, 5th grade teacher