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Discover your path at a Spring Spotlight visit

Campus visits are a great way to connect with real people and learn the ins-and-outs of the college and program you’re interested in. Sure, you can scroll through the list of classes and read testimonials from past students, but nothing compares to actually being there – meeting potential professors, staff and other students.

This spring we’ll spotlight the different programs offered at NIACC. It is the perfect chance to really get a feel for what the college is all about – you may be surprised. You will be able to see the campus, the labs and classrooms, meet the staff, and the faculty who teach the classes.

It’s kind of like a sneak peek into your future. Like watching the trailer of a movie to see if it is something you want to go see. A campus tour will leave you feeling like you definitely want to see that movie – or in this case, your life!

The Spring Spotlight Visits will be held at 9:00AM on Fridays in the Stoltenberg Forum/Beem Center 200.

Each week is dedicated to highlighting an area of interest. If you’re unsure of your path, you are welcome to attend more than one!

*January 27th – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math): Explore, Analyze, Discover. This session is designed to help you move toward transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or employment in computer programming, engineering, finance, data analysis, exercise science, physical education, or biotechnology. It is an exploration of the world and human body using scientific methods of observation, experimentation, and analysis.

*February 10th – Humanities: Communicate, Create, Contribute. Tap into your creative side as you explore oral communication, writing, and creative expression. This pathway is designed to help you move toward transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or employment in performing or studio arts, graphic design, journalism, or language and communication.

*February 24th – Health Sciences: Care, Heal, Rehabilitate. If you have the heart to care for people, promote health, and help your community thrive, check out this session! It is designed to help you move toward transfer or employment as a nurse, physical therapist assistant, medical assistant, medical lab technician, radiographer, or surgical technologist.

*March 10th – Business: Lead, Manage, Build. The business world today is fast-paced and always changing. Explore the skills needed to grow your own business or develop skills required for high-demand positions. This session is designed to help you move toward transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or employment in accounting, management, marketing or business administration.

*March 24th – Still Exploring: Transfer/Undecided: Develop, Connect, Identify. Unsure of what your future holds? That’s okay! Many students are in the same boat. This spotlight is a great way to connect and find the potential inside as you identify new ideas and unexpected career paths.

*March 31st – Skilled Trades: Construct, Solve, Investigate. Tinkering used to just be a hobby, but now days you can turn it into a full-fledged career! This session covers everything from constructing houses, robots, learning to weld, tool and die projects, to heating and cooling and advanced manufacturing concerns. You can move toward transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or prepare for employment in building trades, HVAC technology, industrial mechanics and maintenance, electromechanics, advanced manufacturing and welding.

*April 14th – Education, Human and Public Services: Serve, Protect, Educate. If you have a passion to work with people, you won’t want to miss this session. Explore communities, relationships and cultures as you spark discussion to help create positive change. This pathway is designed to move toward transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or employment in counseling, education, social work, community development, cultural research, human resources or police work.

*April 28th – Agriculture: Grow, Cultivate, Produce. Iowans pride themselves on the rich agricultural history of our region. In this session, you’ll learn about the various Ag pathways and how to develop cultivate the land, produce livestock, and grow leadership and environmental skills. This pathway is designed to help you move toward transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or employment in agricultural marketing and finance, agricultural operations management, agricultural sales and services, and agriculture technology.

Whew! That’s a lot of Friday morning opportunities, right? If you are not able to get to one of the above tours, NIACC has other options. A series of Saturday visits are offered as well. These are intended for students who do not need individual counseling, but simply want an overview of admissions requirements, financial aid, academic programs and student life. These visits take place in the Beem Center Room 200 with check in at 9:45am.

For a full-immersion option that will leave you filled with school spirit, you should check out the Bustin’ Out Blue campus extravaganza on February 18th, 2023. This event includes all the pertinent information needed to become a NIACC Trojan including academic, campus life and housing information. Plus, you’ll get to take in a Men’s and Women’s Basketball Games and have a chance to win fun prizes.

To learn more about each of these visits and which one will best suit your needs in becoming a NIACC Trojan, go to

See the Campus Tours page for all the visit options.

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Discover your path at a Spring Spotlight visit
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