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NIACC’s Business Spring Spotlight Visit: Lead. Manage. Build.

The business world is fast-paced and always changing.  In this digital era new advancements pop up daily.  What worked for companies 10 years ago is no longer a viable option for their operations or marketing.  Because of this, finding new ways to continue doing business, growing, and developing is crucial for success.

A business degree puts you right in the middle of this agile industry.  Our classes teach skills you will use on a daily basis – things like accounting (balancing your checkbook and handling finances), negotiation, and management skills.

You can’t go wrong with a business degree.  The field is so versatile, and the opportunities are seemingly endless. 

If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about, be sure to attend the Spring Spotlight visit on March 10th at 9:00 AM in the Stoltenburg Forum/Beem Center 200. 

In this session, you will explore the skills needed to grow your own business or develop skills required for high-demand positions.  This session is designed to help you move toward transfer or employment in accounting, management, marketing, or business administration. 

Here’s a little preview of each area of interest.

Accounting is the practice of measuring, processing, and sharing financial information within a business.  If you love crunching numbers, this career area could see you keeping the books and managing the financial transactions within the company. 

Management involves the coordination and organization of activities within a company.  Business managers often oversee operations and help employees reach their highest potential.  Their job title regularly includes training new employees and helping the company reach its overall goals. 

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic career choice that continues to change at a lightening pace.  The traditional way of marketing clients has shifted dramatically from newspaper, radio, and television into the digital age.  Technology and the use of social platforms to elevate your business have catapulted us into a future where the reach is attainable on a global level.

Business Administration is like an umbrella over all the business majors.   It includes many different roles, professional settings, and opportunities for growth.  People who love to work with people will enjoy human resources.  Are you competitive? Sales may be for you. Solving problems or coming up with strategies means a business analyst or consultant is a good fit for you.  And for the math whiz, there are accounting roles or data analytics. 

So many choices.  So much room for growth.  The perfect career in business is waiting just for you!

Business is a great way to begin your college career.  One perk in choosing this field is the broad spectrum it covers.  Once you find where your true passion lies within the business realm, it is easy to specialize.  On top of that, there is an opportunity to apply your education and experience to another industry, utilizing what you’ve learned to help grow your business.

If you are eager to learn more about becoming a business major, this is one campus visit you do not want to miss!

To learn more about each of these visits and which one will best suit your needs in becoming a NIACC Trojan, go to Campus Visit.

See the Campus Tours Page for all the visit options.

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NIACC’s Business Spring Spotlight Visit: Lead. Manage. Build.
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