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Agriculture is Big Business

Agriculture is big business, so big in fact, that it’s projected to grow between 9 and 17% in coming years.

Did you know that NIACC has an on-site farm with cattle and swine herds? Did and that jobs in agriculture will be increasing by as much as 9% across the country in the next several years? Students choosing the Agriculture meta major can work in many exciting career fields like agricultural marketing and finance, agricultural operations management, agricultural sales and services, and agriculture technology – all offered at NIACC.

If working in agronomy, animal ecology, or animal science sounds more interesting to you, the outlook for those jobs is even brighter – up to 17% growth; once again, NIACC offers transfer pathways for these agriculture-related degrees.

Agriculture instructor, Joel Morrical, recently sat down with J. Brooks to to talk about the opportunities at NIACC, such as internships that are built right into the program, frequently leading to full-time positions.  NIACC boasts a 100% placement rate for graduates majoring in agriculture-related programs, which speaks volumes about the quality of the agriculture program at NIACC!

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Agriculture is Big Business
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