Floating the river in a tube

Float and Yoga

NIACC’s DiscoverU has found a way to take all your favorite things about summer in North Iowa and bundle them with a fantastic way to stay in shape.

Float and Yoga.

And yes, it’s going to be just as fun as it sounds!

Yoga is “a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India and aim to control and still the mind, recognizing a detached witness-consciousness untouched by the mind and mundane suffering.”  It is used to balance both the mind and body through exercise, meditations and breathing. 

The physical benefits of yoga aren’t the only reason it has gained so much popularity over the years.  Yes, all that bending does a fantastic job of toning your muscles, but the benefits extend well beyond the physical.  Many people have noted they sleep better, their eating habits have improved, and symptoms of depression and anxiety have decreased dramatically. 

Over the years, yoga has morphed into a variety of styles.  Even with these options, there is one common thread: they combine physical posture, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.

Sounds wonderful, right?

While most classes out there are meant to push you physically and mentally, some are just simply out-of-the-box experiences.

For instance…goat yoga.  These classes are much like a traditional yoga class, except with live goats.  They roam around while you strike poses and sometimes even join in the fun by climbing on participants.  

And what guy can resist a good session of Broga Yoga?  That’s right.  In an attempt to get more males onto the mat, someone created a class just for bros. 

NIACC’s Float and Yoga in Charles City can officially be added to that eccentric list!

Float and Yoga: River Retreat Day (course #14137) will be held on August 27th.  The day starts with the group gathering at the local outfitter.  They’ll be given river tubes, and a ride to the beginning spot of the journey. 

Once there, the group will do a 15-minutes yoga class to get into the proper frame of mind to enjoy a relaxing float down the Cedar River. 

“It’s a really great way to unwind, relax, meet new people, and practice mindfulness,” stated yoga instructor, Steve Buchanan.  “The Float and Yoga has it all and there’s even the possibility of seeing some wildlife.”

After the float toward Charles City, the group will pull their tubes ashore and do some more yoga.  A boxed lunch will be provided following the session. 

The first Float and Yoga class was held last summer and was a hit. 

I mean, how could it not?  What an epic way to spend a Sunday in August?  A hot, summer day of floating down the gorgeous Cedar River.  Feeling the cool water graze against your fingertips as you leisurely lounge on a river tube. 

Fresh air. Sunshine. And yoga!

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Float and Yoga
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