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Blue and Gold Banquet honors NIACC international and minority students

Delila Sajadian speaking at the Blue and Gold Banquet.

In the 2021-2022 academic year NIACC graduated a total of 112 minority and international students. “That’s a record number,” said NIACC President Dr. Steven Shultz during the annual Blue and Gold Banquet held in the school’s activity center on Tuesday, May 26.

The event was organized by the NIACC Diversity Committee. “This group of staff, faculty and administration members are working to make NIACC a safe and supportive place for everyone to work and learn,” said NIACC Diversity Committee Co-Chair Dalila Sajadian. “That requires us to learn to listen and respect people who are different from ourselves. We also hope to encourage people from everywhere to choose NIACC. The Diversity Committee strives to make rich opportunities and relationships equally and equitably available to an increasingly diverse student population and employee pool.”

The event recognized students from many different countries from around the world.  Also honored were the college’s minority students.

“A diverse student and staff population is the fruit of a culture of respect and fierce intentionality to eradicate barriers for any person wanting greater wisdom and productivity,” said Sajadian, adding “Students thrive when they see people who look like themselves living well and succeeding in their chosen areas of work. Conversations and common tasks shared with people of differing cultures, viewpoints, religions, or values creates a richer experience for everyone involved when honor is shared and understanding and unity are the goals.”

Students Kai Nelles and Cinnamon Evans also spoke at the event.

Dr. Bridgett Golman, NIACC Vice President of Student Development and Success, encouraged the students, “Remember, you have a whole community of individuals cheering for you! You are a NIACC Trojan, we are NIACC proud and together the combination is NIACC Strong.”

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Blue and Gold Banquet honors NIACC international and minority students
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