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Extreme Makeover Winners Thrive at NIACC

For more than 16 years, NIACC has given adult students an opportunity to return to college at no cost. Each spring the Extreme Makeover: College Edition provides prospective students over the age of 23, a chance to share their story for the opportunity to win an entire year of free tuition, textbooks, and more.  There have been some amazing winners over the years who have truly taken full advantage of this opportunity and changed their lives in ways they didn’t previously imagine possible.

Four of our previous Extreme Makeover winner’s stories are below.  If you are someone who is ready to take that next step and change your life, we’re ready to help you make it happen.  Call or stop in and talk with Chris, our adult student advisor. You can contact Chris at or 641-422-4258, or stop by the Admissions office any time.

Voting is open for this year’s contestants until May 23; check out their stories and vote here.


Extreme Makeover Winners Thrive at NIACC
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