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Human resource management is a contemporary, umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees within an organization.  Back in the day, it was often referred to as ‘personnel’ seeing as it was the department handling all employee issues that arose.

Human resource management today involves developing and administering programs designed to increase the effectiveness of an organization or business. It includes a large range of responsibilities, including the creation, management, and cultivation of the employer-employee connection.

Once in the field, there are countless opportunities for advancement.  The human resources career path is similar to a staircase.  Each certification gets you to the next step, increasing your salary and opening doors for further advancement.

Today, we’ll be covering the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification.

This is typically the first move for those looking to advance their career.  The SHRM certification provides you the opportunity to prove not only what you know, but also how you can apply that knowledge on the job.  It is a direct link to on-the-job scenarios and realistic work situations.

The exam is no walk in the park, but the outcome is well worth it.  Here are the Top 5 reasons you should earn a SHRM certification.

  1. It can inspire creative thinking – Although you may be a seasoned pro in the field, you will be amazed at the breadth of ideas you’ll learn in SHRM training courses.
  2. It can boost your confidence – Even if your HR role does not require certification, the lack of it could be hampering your self-assurance on the job.
  3. It can help you get a raise – The takeaway: It pays to be SHRM certified!
  4. It can benefit your employer – You will gain useful knowledge and find best practices to help you handle the day-to-day business, from recruitment to retention to risk management.
  5. It can accelerate your career – SHRM certification is for those in the early stages of their HR careers. So, buckle up, because you are in for a ride!

So how do you get to this first step?  With the SHRM Certification Test Prep course at NIACC! AND the SHRM Certification Test Prep course help to prepare for both the SHRM-Certified Professional and SHRM-Senior Certified Professional credentials.

You can increase your chances of passing the exam by attending a certification prep course.  Here, you will learn first-hand from a certified instructor who wi

Sharol Proctor

Sharol Proctor, former NIACC SHRM Certification Test Prep student,

ll guide you through interactive discussions and review sample test questions to increase your probability of passing the exam.  The test is not something you can pass on the fly, so you’ll need a solid foundation of preparation to achieve success.

Sharol Proctor, a former NIACC SHRM Certification Test Prep student, understands the importance of the course.  While apprehensive to begin the class, it proved to be positive experience for her.  “I attended every online class and was determined to absorb the knowledge and tips presented by the instructor as well as the experiences shared by others through class interaction,” she stated.  “The class kept me accountable for staying on task with the reading, and also running the practice quizzes and tests.”

Deciding to obtain your SHRM certification is a big step, not something to be taken frivolously.  If you are still on the fence, it might be beneficial to attend one of NIACC’s free virtual information sessions to learn more about SHRM certification and how the course can help you obtain this goal.

This is just the beginning of your long journey through the realms of Human Resources.  The opportunity for advancement is as simple as taking that first step onto the staircase of success.

The team at NIACC Continuing Education can help you succeed.  It’s what they do!

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Business & Workforce Solutions: Human Resources Professional Advancement
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